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Dear Reader,

Ken McDonald

When I created iScot in November 2014 (was it really seven years ago!) it was as a direct result of satisfying a burning desire to ‘do something’ to help in the process of promoting the cause for independence.   With a background in manufacturing, and knowing little about print media other than those journals that I chose to read,  it was self-evident that their editorial line was unashamedly anti-independence.

A multitude of free online blogging sites suggests that nowadays a number of folks choose not to pay for printed content anymore, and whilst that’s mainly true – there’s still a large demographic of folks who consume their news from print media. If you think print media is all but dead ask yourself why the red top VOW had such a major impact on the 2014 referendum result.  Did you know that the age demographic that buys print news today are more or less the same demographic that predominately voted NO in 2014?

Independence is in our view Scotland’s salvation and we are doing all we can to promote the positive arguments for self determination.

With 77 monthly issues under our belt,  it continues to be a relentless emotional roller coaster of a journey – sleepless nights, cash flow pressures,  major health scares,- we’re no different from any other small business  – yet, despite our detractors, and every other conceivable barrier to progress including #Brexit and #Covid19 related pressures – we’re still standing… and passionatly promoting the cause of Scottish Independence.

We still rely on financial support from our supporters, particularly at this time of year.  A donation to iScot enables the only truly independent grass-roots Scottish publication to keep on promoting the cause of independence to a world-wide audience in both print and digital platforms.  We are not a profit focused ‘cost centre’ for a multi national foreign corporation. We just happen to believe that independence is normal.

Feel free to leave your comments on our donation boards, and thank you for your ongoing support – we can’t do this without you.

Yours aye

Ken McDonald

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Ashley Miller

£10.61 16th December 2021

Merry Christmas from Ashand GD Rusty

Anonymous User

Janette Leck

£26.06 12th November 2021

I look forward to every issue
All the very best 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Anonymous User

Lenny Hartley

£26.06 9th November 2021
Anonymous User

Alison Macfarlane

£26.06 7th November 2021

Thanks for the passport cover - much appreciated

Anonymous User

Ed Smith

£26.06 7th November 2021
Anonymous User

Angela Easton

£25.00 6th November 2021
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Elaine Chisholm

£103.30 6th November 2021
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Neil McGregor

£10.61 6th November 2021
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£26.06 6th November 2021
Anonymous User

Sharon Murray

£2.37 3rd November 2021

Hope you reach your target.

Anonymous User

Duncan McDonald

£26.06 2nd November 2021
Anonymous User

Oor Painted Rainbow

£10.61 2nd November 2021

Best Magazine Ever and so hoping you meet your target.Stay Strong xx