28th February 2024

Why iScot Magazine Seeks Your Support.

In today’s financially challenging climate, understanding the value of supporting iScot Magazine is crucial. Here’s a streamlined overview of why your support matters and how it contributes to our mission. Why iScot Magazine Seeks Your Support iScot Magazine is a distinct voice amidst Scotland’s wall-to-wall unionist media, dedicated to enriching the narrative around Scottish culture, heritage, and the debate on […]
28th February 2024

‘We cannae afford independence’

One outdated argument that deserves to be binned is the claim that “Scotland cannot afford independence,” a jibe as baseless as the idea that ‘Spain would veto Scotland’s EU membership’ or that ‘Scots could only protect their EU citizenship by staying in the Union’. The pursuit of independence transcends economic analysis, much like human rights cannot be reduced to mere […]
27th February 2024

‘What’s Yours is Mine, and what’s Mine isn’t Yours’

Colonisation, throughout history, has often been justified through the lens of power dynamics, economic gain, and cultural superiority. At its core lies a belief encapsulated in the phrase, “What’s yours is mine, and what’s mine isn’t yours.” Colonisers have used this argument to assert their dominance over indigenous peoples and lands, leading to exploitation, displacement, and the imposition of foreign […]
25th February 2024

“One ring to rule them all,..and in the darkness bind them” No More!

In this essay, we dive into the heart of the independence movements sweeping across the British Isles, challenging us to rethink the notion of union and sovereignty. As we stand on the cusp of potentially historic change, the opportunity for all nations of the current United Kingdom to redefine their futures, separately and together, has never been more palpable or […]
22nd October 2022

What’s in a name?

What’s in a Name? by Sara Salyers   Not much, we might have thought but apparently, we were wrong. It seems a name is enough for no less a person than Dorothy Bain, the Lord Advocate of Scotland to state as a certain fact, that the Treaty of Union saw the extinction of the Kingdoms of Scotland and England and […]
4th February 2022

Independence, above Party, Politicians and Personalities

Apologies everyone we are behind on the usual timescales but there is a reason.   As you might be aware Ken, our iScot editor, has been dealt a few health knocks recently. He had a mild heart attack and stents fitted in the autumn and then, as luck would have it, he has been recently diagnosed with inoperable slow-growing cancer. […]
29th March 2021


Press Release ALEX ARTHUR, the Commonwealth Gold Medallist and former WBO Champion of the World will make a sensational switch from the arena of boxing to enter the ring as an Alba Party Candidate for the upcoming Scottish Parliament elections. Days after the launch of Alba, and following a number of political defections, the party has started to unveil what […]
24th March 2021


Below is a public statement from Alex Salmond   – Wednesday, 24th March 2021   “This is my third and final public statement on the subject of the parliamentary and Hamilton investigations and the Dunlop Review. The Inquiries are over and despite their manifest limitations, the findings are in and must be accepted, just like the verdicts of juries and […]
11th December 2020

New Indy Organisation for 2021

NEW INDY MEMBER ORGANISATION GETS DOWN TO WORK, EXPECTS TO BE FULLY OPERATIONAL IN NEW YEAR The new mass membership organisation for supporters of Scottish independence has begun detailed preparations for a full public launch in early 2021. The 15-person interim National Committee is meeting (virtually) twice a week, supported by a growing number of technical committees staffed by volunteers […]