Clyn Laurie

3rd August 2020

Opinion – The Lairds

  Former Scottish Conservatives leader Ruth Davidson is lined up for a peerage and the reactions are as predictable as dropping a fist-sized chunk of magnesium in a sink of water (©my high school Chemistry supply teacher). “Reward for what?” is the standard printable response and one that underlines one of the two fundamental problems people have with the House […]
5th June 2019

“Have you seen any penises yet?”

“Have you seen any penises yet?” “No, but looks like a couple of folk wrote an essay on Brexit.” “Is that our pile?” “No, that’s the Lib Dems.” “Cor.”  When you’re doing the observations in a counting hall, you have to make your own (doodle-free) entertainment. As the night wore on and the stacks piled up in the Edinburgh hall, […]